Weather, School Closings & eLearning

Providing protection. Keeping students safe.

We envision on days when school is canceled due to inclement weather or other unforeseeable events, students and teachers will utilize developmentally appropriate resources to communicate and engage in learning experiences that are related to current classroom curriculum goals and skills.

Weather Related School Closures, Late Starts, and Early Dismissals  

In any weather emergency, the main objective is to provide protection and a safe environment for staff, students, and families.

3 Area District’s Will Make Weather Related Schedule Changes Together

  • Sauk Rapids-Rice Public Schools, St. Cloud Area Schools and Sartell-St. Stephen Public Schools will collectively determine weather related school closures and/or schedule changes.  
  • It is important that the three districts coordinate closures or schedule changes due to our close proximity to one another. 
  • Community members, families and district staff may live and/or work in surrounding communities, which are different districts than their children attend school. 

It is our hope that collaborating about weather related school closures or delays will alleviate some scheduling issues for families.

Boy student on the playgroup at PVES wearing winter had and jacket

e-Learning Expectations and Choice Boards

Starting in the 2022–2023 school year, the district will utilize eLearning days for full day closures for all students P–12+. 

  • The first day closure, students and staff will not have school and there will be no eLearning.
  • The second through the sixth full day closures will be eLearning days and staff and students will follow the eLearning plan.

Below are the eLearning expectations for students, staff, and families:

eLearning Days Activities will:

  • Be due within three school days; completion will count towards attendance.
  • Consist of activities that are best suited to the resources that are available for students when at home.
  • Be sent home with students in advance of the dates of eLearning days.

NOTE:  Students will not lose school day privileges, such as recess, if activities are not complete.

Male and female at table with female students doing home work, focused