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Digital Citizenship

All students using a Sauk Rapids-Rice Public School issues device must complete an Increased Access and Opportunity through Technology 
Device & Network Agreement. This contains

  1. Student Responsibilities
  2. Parent/Guardian Expectations
  3. General Care Instructions
  4. Security and Theft Prevention
  5. Damage, Theft and Repair
  6. Network and Networked Resources
  7. Student Privacy
  8. Terms of the Bookmark Device Loan

You may review a copy on the Technology page of our website. 

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Disclaimer of Liability

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Social Media Guidelines

In an effort to enhance communication skills, Sauk Rapids-Rice Public Schools maintains a presence on various social media sites and has provided a list of guidelines for posting and commenting on such sites. We have also established best practices for our students and staff.

— Social Media Posting Guidelines
— Social Media Best Practices for Students
— Social Media Best Practices for Staff

Privacy Guideline 

Sauk Rapids-Rice Public Schools, in accordance with applicable law and district policy, takes steps to protect the privacy rights of our patrons. Information contained herein is in compliance with those protections.  
Revised February 28, 2024