Student & Family Wellness

Our school district is committed to supporting students and families in healthy environments and with a culture that promotes and protects health and well-being. We are committed to providing opportunities for all students to reach their highest educational potential.

During the past year, we know many in our community have experienced an increase in social, emotional and financial stress due to the COVID-19 pandemic. During this time—and all of the time—the district's school social workers share these resources with you to help you and your family navigate challenges. We invite you to reach out to our team or school and program staff with any questions, concerns or a request for more support.

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What We Do

We are a team of dedicated helping professionals who meet state requirements to practice in a variety of roles within our district’s school settings. We work to address any possible barriers to learning that may exist in the classroom, community or at home. We strive to understand students' social and emotional perspectives so that we may help them achieve academic and social success. We want to be the link that connects school, home and the community and to provide beneficial and supportive services to students, families and staff.

Our team may:

  • Coordinate and facilitate student meetings to address mental wellness, social and emotional coping skills
  • Provide student referrals to in-school or community therapy programs
  • Find support for family basic needs
  • Address barriers to students’ regular attendance at school
  • Provide crisis intervention and support
  • Bridge the gap between home, school and the community

Our Partners

Sauk Rapids Rice ISD47 partners with Central Minnesota Mental Health Center and Lutheran Social Services to provide in school therapy services. Please contact your building social worker to make a referral. 


School social worker Haley Miller at PV

Getting to Know HALEY MILLER

Haley Miller says she just loves her job at Pleasantview Elementary as a school social worker. “I have an opportunity to make an impact on my school community. From making connections with our inspirational teachers, to taking a front row seat and watching students blossom into confident learners and compassionate leaders, my job brings me complete joy.”

From making connections with our inspirational teachers, to taking a front row seat and watching students blossom into confident learners and compassionate leaders,
my job brings me complete joy.

Miller works with students in kindergarten through fifth grade. She has been a school social worker there since 2019 after graduating with a master’s degree from Augsburg University with an emphasis in multicultural clinical practice.

Before receiving an advanced degree in social work, Miller received a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in criminal justice from St. Cloud State University and was a patrol officer and school resource officer at the beginning of her career. Through those positions, Miller realized she really enjoyed making a difference in the lives of students and their families. She extended her education pathway to pursue a more preventative approach in her work. Miller is now a licensed graduate social worker who is working her way toward independent clinical licensure.

In addition to her work at Pleasantview, Miller is a team lead in the youth employability training camp, CareerONE. She has worked with 14- through 17-year-olds in this local program for the last three summers.

A Need for Connection

Miller encourages families to reach out to school social workers to find support for their students and themselves. “We, as human beings, have a need for connection with others. It is unnatural for us to carry the weight of the world by ourselves. We are part of a larger community of support and by tapping into resources around us, we are able to effectively manage some of our anxieties as we seek solutions to our challenges. We don’t always have total control over life’s obstacles, but we can focus on those things over which we do have some control.”

Miller strives to reach out to students and let them know they are valued each day. She works to connect families to their student’s school environment. “I believe parents and care givers are the true experts in regards to their students and are an absolutely vital presence in the success and wellbeing of their children in school.”

Find Balance

Miller says some of the best moments in life are spent with her family—particularly outdoors. “We like to walk, bike and enjoy bonfires and sunsets.” She and her husband are raising two daughters, but also count three dogs and five chickens as family.

Miller encourages everyone—including herself—to find balance between doing things that are task-oriented and doing things that are for our own self-care. “Find unique ways to motivate yourself. Find time to do things you love and prefer.”

Sauk Rapids-Rice Schools

Meet Your Wellness Team

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Rice Elementary &
District Community Outreach Liaison

320-258-1049 - Rice Elementary
320-258-1733 - District Outreach


School Social Worker Whitney Jarnot


Sauk Rapids-Rice
High School

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Sauk Rapids-Rice
Middle School


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Mississippi Heights Elementary


Haley Miller stands in Pleasantview Elementary hallway
Pleasantview Elementary
320-258-0506 Ext. 1247



Crisis Text Line  Text MN to 741741  Free support at your fingertips, 24/7  Minnesota Department of Human Services

Find Support

Our counselors and social worker are available to support students and families seeking mental health or addiction services.  
If you are in crisis, text MN to 741741 for 24/7 support.
Crisis Line: 800-635-8008
Benton County Community Services: 800-530-6254
Stearns County Community Services: 800-450-3663