Nordic Walking! More Energy & Less Stress, May 31–June 14

Nordic Walking! More Energy & Less Stress, May 31–June 14

Wednesdays, May 31–June 14
3 Sessions Total
Ages 18+
6:00–7:00 P.M.
Sauk Rapids-Rice Middle School

Instructed by Linda Lemke

Why just walk when you can Nordic Walk? With poles in hand you will enjoy an all body workout complete with upright, balanced posture, improved core strength, and a stress busting rhythm all its own. Learn about the benefits (heart health, weight management, bone density, less pain, more confidence) and the specifics of the poles, followed by instruction on basic technique. It’s fun! and you can share it with friends and family.The second and third weeks gives us time to become comfortable with the technique and really start working that upper body. This class is appropriate for all levels of fitness. Poles will be available for use during the class and you will be encouraged to walk at a comfortable pace and distance. Put on your walking shoes and come give it a try!

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 ENTER DOOR SRRMS #5. Dress for the weather.

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