Strategic and District Operational Plans

By achieving the goals established with our Strategic Plan and Portrait of a Graduate, we will prepare our students to be successful in the 21st Century as defined by the World’s Best Workforce

The District Operational Plan is developed annually by the superintendent, district administration and principals, and outlines projects to lead the district toward accomplishing our goals. The District Operational Plan is approved by the Educational School Board.

We use adaptive planning in Sauk Rapids-Rice Public Schools. Rather than a static strategic plan that attempts to identify all of the strategies and objectives necessary for the next five years, we adapt our plan annually. We focus on improving student learning through innovation within strategic anchors and aligned initiatives. We assess progress and consistently look outside the system at emerging influences as we strive to move from our current reality – where we sit today – toward what we want to achieve – our desired results.

While we have an annual District Operational Plan, we consistently assess our work within the plan and make adaptations as necessary to meet changing conditions. By adjusting our work on a regular basis, we bring greater coherence and alignment to our efforts.

Strategic Plan

Sauk Rapids-Rice Public Schools Superintendent and Leadership Team built a Strategic Plan which focuses on six key commitments and includes a plan and timeline for what the district wants to achieve by the fall of 2025. 
Each year the Superintendent and Leadership Team will develop a District Operational Plan that prioritizes the work in order to achieve our goals for the fall of 2025.